Thursday, June 26, 2014

Entertainment Director

One of the features that separates Edge Sight and Sound from other Tulsa DJs is that we offer an Entertainment Director with all of our packages. An Entertainment Director? Whats that? An Entertainment Director is a member of our team, who works directly with DJ/MC and other vendors, to facilitate a smooth wedding day. What usually happens at weddings is either the mother of the bride or the maid of honor are left in charge of running the wedding.  This is a very overwhelming job, especially for two of the most important guests of the bride. By having an Entertainment Director at your wedding to specifically focus on you and your personalized itinerary, it leaves the maid of honor or mother of bride free to enjoy the wedding. The Entertainment Director also helps create the written schedule (itinerary) with the bride herself. On the day of the wedding, the Entertainment Director will distribute the schedule to key people (i.e. photographer, DJ, caterer) and they'll ensure all parties follow schedule unless instructed otherwise by the bride. An Entertainment Director will also coordinate with vendors to ensure details on dinner, drinks, champagne for toasts, cake cutting, photos and other details are planned with precision. They are there to keep the flow of the wedding and to make sure it runs smoothly. In other words, the Entertainment Director is a bride's best friend haha.