Monday, August 2, 2010

Smith/Ash Wedding at the Tulsa Mayo Hotel

Our newly-wed bride took a well deserved break in her evening for a shot with her bridesmaid as her guests carried on in party fashion, against the back drop of an elegantly lit Mayo Hotel, courtesy of Edge Sight and Sound. Thanks to John, his new wife, Erin, and Mary Smith (Mother of the Bride) for choosing Edge Sight and Sound.

Walker/Givan Wedding at the Dresser Mansion

As seen through a window of the Dresser Mansion, John and Caitlyn Givan couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day as they exchanged vows in the mansion courtyard with her parents overlooking the ceremony. We at Edge sight and Sound wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Ledbetter Wedding at the Vesica Pisces Chapel

Last November I got married at Vesica Piscis Chapel in Catoosa, OK... my absolute favorite wedding venue! This past weekend I got to go back to visit Judi and the rest of the crew there for the Ledbetter/Clouser wedding. The wedding was really one-of-a-kind! For instance, this was the first time I have ever seen a wedding cake get cut with an actual sword! Literally, a full-blown, sharp edged sword! The couple had quite the selection of music picked out as well. I watched multiple generations break it down to everything from the Commodores to Usher, oh and not to mention Gettin' Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith. Thanks Lisa and Clay for helping me recreate some wonderful memories at Vesica!

Oklahoma High School Class Reunion DJ

Out on a secluded country club in Duncan, Oklahoma, the Duncan High school class of 1990 proceeded to catch up with old friends and even some old flames. The Meet and Greet eventually turned into a happening party as they relived the music of there teens and even jammed out to some current beats. There was some line dancing and even a few individuals jumped in to the pool. Overall the night was a great success.

Johnson/Christian Wedding at the German American Center

Justin and Sarah Christian, and son Micah (who Co-DJ'd the evening), "kicked it up a notch" at one incredible reception, after a beautiful wedding ceremony, led by none other than the Professionals of Edge Sight and Sound Disc Jockeys. The event uplighting we provided in the German American Center of Tulsa is an incredible addition to any venue and should be considered when planning that special day.

Hayes/McGee Wedding Reception with Edge Wedding DJ's

Twas a warm summers eve atop the pristine mountain at Skelly Lodge. That's where Daniel and Emily Hayes exchanged vows and commenced to partying immediately after, at the perfectly planned reception (of which, was mastered by mom, Kim McGee). Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hayes, and to all their friends and family from the wedding professionals of Edge Sight and Sound Disc Jockeys.

Annual Rural Rental Housing Association of Oklahoma Convention and Trade Show

Talk about your "wild and crazy" group of adults ! This year, at the Annual Rural Rental Housing Association of Oklahoma Convention and Trade Show, in Norman, OK, they partyed SO hard that we are unable to show you with photos, just exactly what  happened. First, these ladies dressed in, I can't tell you about that. Hmmmm, oh yeah, Mr Harvey took his........, ummmm, not that one either. Well, Scott started to........ nope. I can't  tell you ! Just trust me when I say, "What a blast !!!" They're all to be commended for such a great event this year. Thanks for having us, the party pros of Edge Sight and Sound Disc Jockeys.

Joplin Wedding for Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Roach

In Joplin, MO at the Historical Ramsey Building we took pleasure in being a part of the Wedding of Stephen and Allison Roach, and what a Wedding it was from "old school" to "new school" music all the family and friends took part of dancing the night away.  Congratulations to Stephen and Allison Roach and to Dan and Trina Scott (parents of Allison) and Hal and Susan Roach (parents of Steven).  Thank You for making Edge Sight and Sound a part of your Wedding.