Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weddings in the heat

Its wedding season and the hot summer days are creeping in fast. The official first day of summer is June 21, 2014. That's in 10 days!!! Scary I know. With that in mind here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when having a summer wedding:

1. HYDRATION is the most important concept of a summer wedding. Make sure everyone has a cool beverage instead of sugary soft drinks. Serve ice tea, lemonade, water, juices, frozen drinks, etc..
2. If your having an outside wedding try having a wedding closer to night time or a sunset wedding. Keep in mind, you can always have a short ceremony outside and then move the reception indoors. 
3. Provide goodies for your guests like sunglasses, sunscreen, hand fans, water bottles, etc.. All these items can be easily personalized with a cute quote or simply a Mr. & Mrs.
4. SHADE, shade, shade.. did I say shade? yup, shade. 
5. Provide misters and fans!

Those are only a few ideas to keep in mind. Now bring on the summer!