Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding trend- Bridesmaid dresses

So lately I've noticed a huge trend merging in the wedding world (yes, I'm one of those Pinterest freaks lol). I've noticed that more and more brides are assigning/allowing their bridesmaids to wear different dresses! Some bridesmaids have similar dresses, but in different hues of the same color. Here is an example: the wedding color is pink, but bridesmaids dresses range from hot magenta, to baby pink, to fuchsia, to rose. I've also noticed that it doesn't stop at the colors, some have complete different styles/cuts! They might be the same length (some aren't even the same length lol), but the tops of the dresses are different ie: sweetheart neck, one shoulder, scoop neck, etc.. I've also looked at pictures of bridesmaids with the same dress, but different colored shoes or the same dress, but in a rainbow range of colors. So are you as mind blown as I am? I was totally a believer of the same style, same color, old fashion way, but I kinda like this trend! There is nothing wrong with being different and letting your bridesmaids personalaties show through their gowns! But is it pleasing to eye? You'll be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life! Make sure to see ALL bridesmaids with ALL their different outfits before your wedding day, you can always make changes before hand. "Wow" your guests with uniqueness!

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All pictures were found on Pinterest!