Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey everyone!

It is a beautiful day in Tulsa and we are so excited about this lovely weather, but the weather isn't the only thing we are excited for. I have some marvelous news! Edge Sight and Sound is now on Pinterest!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weddings on a holiday

Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday and happy Saint Patrick's Day! Today's special date got me thinking about weddings on holidays. Obviously, you can have your wedding any day you want, but is it inconvenient? Some holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween or even Saint Patrick's Day seem okay, but choosing to have a wedding on a major holiday might be a little more difficult. Major holidays mean guests might not be able to celebrate with you due to plans with their families or vacations of their own. There are lots of pros and cons to consider if having a wedding on a holiday. Would you ever have a wedding on a holiday or have you been a guest at one? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wedding trends of 2015

Hey guys!

So today I was looking for upcoming wedding trends in 2015 and ran into an interesting article by Lauren Kay at The Knot. She listed some very unique ideas for 2015 weddings, such as using royal color palettes, having a third dress, drone wedding photos and even GoPro videos. My favorite idea she mentioned was the Wild West weddings, which is very similar to rustic and country weddings we saw in 2014. Rustic weddings were a huge trend here in Tulsa, and I loved it! Wild West weddings will still have that rustic feel we love, but as she suggests, it'll consist of details such as antler motifs, cowhide rugs, and wildflower bouquets. She also mentioned using a  mix of leather elements, to contrast the soft and romantic wedding details, in accents like the napkin belly bands.

Check out her article at The Knot!

 Country-chic Wild West wedding shoot at North Yorkshire farm  texas chic centerpiece // photo by The Nichols // View more: http://ruffledblog.com/surprise-texas-wedding/

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Did you know?

Hey everyone!

How creative is that?! On Monday Randy got to tour some of the Zoo's venues, with the help of Amy Watson, and he had a blast. Each location has its own uniqueness and total capacity. The Chapman Event Lodge is the largest and newest venue at The Tulsa Zoo. It can accommodate 550 people seated and it is near the Penguin, Lion, Tiger, and Bear exhibits. You can also have events at the Giraffe Deck, Helmerich Discovery Center Auditorium, Sea Lion Cove, and many more outdoor locations (each location has a different capacity). Also, to free up your stress, the Tulsa Zoo offers on site catering and bartending services!