Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What to keep in mind when picking a venue

The location of your wedding is a huge deal! Here are some points to consider while picking a venue:
1. Is you venue accessible? Make sure your guests don't need to own a monster truck to get to your venue. Verify that all guests can move around/to your venue with ease. Is it wheel chair accessible? Does it have stairs? How long of a hike to it? How far away is it from town?
2. Does you venue accommodate the number of guests you are inviting? Have a general head count before you commit to a venue. If your venue only comfortably accommodates 150 people, there is no way to fit all 300 guests you have invited. How are you going to uninvited your grandma's neighbor's cousin's girlfriend? You can't forget about your grandma's neighbor's cousin's girlfriend! How rude (haha).
3. Does you venue have certain amenities? We've been to venues that don't have easily accessible electricity. Most vendors need power to operate. Also, does it have (clean) bathrooms, enough parking space, AC/heat, kitchen..?
4. Does the decor of the venue match you wedding theme? If the walls are bright yellow, will that match your mint green and Tiffany blue wedding colors? Probably not. Make sure it all flows together and makes sense. Having a modern themed wedding at a barn just doesn't look good. 
5. When you rent the venue what all does it come with the rental? Do they provide linens? chairs? tables? People to clean up after the wedding? Can you rent your own vendors or must you use the venue's vendors?
6. Are you serving alcohol? Make sure the venue isn't an alcohol free location.
7. What are the venues rates? Ask if they have off peak discounts or week day discounts. If the venue is at a hotel, make sure to ask if they offer discounts on rooms or group discounts. Also, if you go over your set time, make sure you know the overtime fee.
8. Can you have your ceremony and reception at this venue? Having both in the same location makes  it very easy for your out of town guests.
9. Does it fit your budget? Sure its a beautiful location, but don't commit to something that is way over a price you are conformable with.
10.  Least and certainly the most important of all these tips is to MAKE SURE THEY ARE AVAILABLE ON YOUR WEDDING DATE. That should be your first question. Can you imagine falling in love with the location, but finding out they are booked! Talk about heart breaking :(

Don't be afraid to ask, ask, ask! Write down your most important questions and write down the answer too. Take a few days to think about it and make sure to visit more than one location!