Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today I saw a future bride's status about how expensive flowers can be. I never thought about it until I did my own research, and WOW she was so right! Flowers are one of the main decorations at a wedding, not to mention you need them for bouquets and for boutonniere as well. This got me thinking, "hmm... if I was a bride on a budget, what are some alternatives for this headache?" Here is what I came up with:

Buy in bulk
Places like Sam's Club sell flowers in bulks. This makes it a whole lot cheaper if your a bride on a  budget. Do your research and checkout other places or websites that sell in bulks as well. Get informed! Be sure to read ratings from other brides who have bough flowers from this vendor before.

This goes right along with buying flowers in bulk. Places like Pinterest and YouTube are filled with awesome DIY ideas and tutorials. Making your own bouquets and decorations adds that personal touch to your wedding. Plus, what are bridesmaids for (haha)? Recruit your ladies to lend a hand and help you out!

Choose seasonal flowers
Be aware of a flower's blooming period. Sunflowers are my favorite flower and they are perfect for a  summer wedding, because this is the season they bloom. This makes them easily accessible during this time of year, not so much during winter. Winter = more expensive!

Choose fake flowers
Silk flowers are a great alternative! They photograph great and last forever.

Use alternatives
Use things like feathers, bows, ribbons, etc, to add some volume to your bouquet and you wont have to use as many flowers. You can also use vases, plastic diamonds, mirrors, candles, etc, on center pieces and nix the flowers all together!

Hope that helped!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Should you let your guests request music at your wedding?

Should you let your guests request music at your wedding? Of course! We always welcome requests, it's a way to make your guests feel part of your wedding. Just be aware, there will definitely be guests who pick inappropriate songs. A great way to avoid this is by offering your guests a chance to request music ahead of time through their RSVP. That way you can create music lists of songs/artists that should definitely be played and songs/artists, that under any circumstance, should not be played. Here at Edge Sight and Sound we allow our Brides and Grooms to electronically create request lists. This makes it easier for them to add/remove songs on the go. Our DJs follow the "Play" and "Do Not Play" lists very carefully. Also, your DJ won’t play anything that "doesn't feel right" or that can potentially kill the party. We feed off the crowd, so if all your guests are on the dance floor dancing we wont play a slow song that will kill the energy. The only exception is if the Bride or Groom come to the DJ personally and tell them to play a song. Don't worry, we allow guests to requests songs on the day of! Just approach the DJ booth and we'll figure a way to add your favorite song.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Unique wedding photos

We came across an awesome article that had me laughing and awing out loud. I love unique ideas for wedding photos, especially the silly ones. Weddings happen everyday so why not put your personal spin on it. You'll be looking at these pictures for years so be unique! But be aware of cheesiness haha.

Check it out! Great ideas for unique wedding photos.

This picture is probably my favorite from the article, haha too funny. Enjoy!