Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Trash the Dress" photo shoot!

Hey guys! Today I came across an interesting article on BuzzFeed News that I wanted to share with you all. Shelby Swink is a 23 year woman who fell in love with her college sweetheart. Swink and boyfriend got engaged on March 2014 after meeting each other in 2011. On the week of the wedding, after months of hard planning, Swink's fiance breaks the wedding off claiming he no longer loved her. After a few days of feeling numb, Swink's wedding date dreadfully arrives. Instead of mourning the date of her wedding, Swink faces the date head on and has a "trash the dress" shoot  (suggested by her photographer at Elizabeth Hoard Photography). Swink is joined by bridesmaids and parents in a liberating photo shoot full of different colored paint, cigars, champagne and mush more.

I loved how Swink celebrated her strength, instead of throwing herself a pity party. What an amazing idea by the photographer! Check out the full article on BuzzFeed News and see all the pictures!

 “Instead of lying down and letting life trample over me, I decided to get up and face it head-on,” she said.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hoard Photography