Thursday, August 20, 2015

Non-white wedding dresses


Today I was Pinteresting and I stumbled upon several non-white wedding dresses. Here are my thoughts on this interesting subject: the wedding dress industry simply does not accommodate brides who are interested in colored dresses. Brides who desire to purchase an unique wedding dress believe they are left with only one option, and that is ordering online. Online dress shopping can be a very scary experience!!! Not only are brides spending several thousands of dollars on a custom non-traditional wedding dress, which they can't even try on, but they also can't see its beading, can't feel its fabric, or see its true color. Just thinking about this scenario is making me anxious and I'm not even a bride! So why not purchase a wedding dress from a company outside the wedding industry? I think us woman are so caught up on having that "wedding dress shopping experience" we see on Say Yes To The Dress, that we forget an important concept: the dress doesn't make the bride, the bride makes the dress! Modern day brides have the freedom to express their individuality and personal style without the worry of wedding customs, so why not explore your options. You’re going to look like a bride regardless of what you wear, because you ARE a bride! So girl, rock that fabulous colorful dress!