Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Backup plan for outdoor weddings

It's officially fall and the weather is great for outdoor weddings. Unfortunately, we've had a very wet October here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The crazy weather has definitely caused some very unhappy Brides and Grooms. Avoid this issue and have a backup plan for your wedding! Here are are some things to keep in mind:

1. Pick a venue with indoor options so you can move the party inside.
2. Assign people who are able to move seating and decor inside quickly and efficiently.  
3. Make sure all vendors have a backup plan.
4. If using a DJ for outdoor sound, make sure they are able to move their equipment easily.
5. Rent tents to keep everyone nice and dry.
6. Guests dressed up and brought their A game to your wedding, so make sure they are kept looking fabulous. Provide umbrellas, dry seats, towels, and such, to keep everyone cozy and happy.
7. Think about hiring a Wedding Planner (or if you book a package with Edge Sight and Sound DJs you'll automatically have one of our amazing Entertainment Directors) who can create a plan B and execute it for you, headache free.
8. Embrace the rain. Surprisingly, the rain makes for really cute wedding pictures. Check out Pinterest for some ideas. 
9. Protect your dress, makeup, and hair girl. You wanna look awesome in all your wedding pics.
10. Most importantly, keep positive! Everything will work out just perfectly ;)