Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 tips for your reception

Here are a few tips to help you and your groom have an amazing reception:
1. Stick together
Stay near one another, you BOTH are the reason your guests are there. Plus, they want to see you guys having fun together, not separate.
2. Games
Come up with fun games to keep your guests entertained and laughing.
3. Keep the kids occupied
Try coming up with ideas to keep the kiddos entertained. Having a kids table with coloring, maybe even puzzles, will help alleviate the parents and it'll make your wedding much more enjoyable. 
4. Take photos before the reception
Your reception is for mingling, try not to waist too much time taking pictures.
5. Leave your guests wanting more
If you see that people are starting to leave, ask your DJ to announce the last dance. Try picking an upbeat song for your last dance because you want to end your wedding at a high energy level. The final memory of your wedding should make a lasting impression, not just die down!