Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dancing on a Cloud!

While browsing through our website you might ask yourself  "what in the world is Dancing on a Cloud?" I thought the same as well lol! Crazy ideas went through my head when Randy mentioned it to me. Are a bunch of puff balls going to be floating around someones head? Is it going to be messy? What is it? Dancing on a Cloud is a machine that creates a white, cloud like fog, that stays knee high from the ground. The cloud is made out of  dry ice so its not messy and it does not smell. Oh, and don't worry, the cloud will not set off fire alarms during your event. The first dance as Mr. and Mrs. is already so special, why not make it uniquely memorable as well? Edge Sight and Sound is the only Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding DJ that actually offers this feature. Dancing on the Cloud will have your guests running to their cameras! It creates the most beautiful, dream like, pictures. What bride doesn't want to be a princess on her big day? -- Ana